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A black hole

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  • A black hole

    What elements make up a thought

    Some gold with silver lining

    A black hole consuming universe

    Or just my neurons firing

    A pupil dark and circular

    A student come to pass

    The eye into the present

    Or memory of the past

    Can I make something out of nothing

    Turn darkness into light

    Bang! it’s just a thought

    From the stars that shine at night

    If something comes from nothing

    Why should it disappear

    Sucked into a black hole, or

    God made a thought that’s clear

    Expanding my universe

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    Hello divot, Into the evermore and out of the now in this most splendid poem. 'Bang! It's just a thought', says it all. What a powerful line, as is the poem in its entirety. A complete joy to read, truly. Fond regards, Tony.


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      Silver and Gold
      now we're told
      Neutron stars colliding.
      All from naught
      as magic wrought
      by science's great Einsteining


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        Just a thought. This was a joy to ponder and read.