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    Dad had a car, not many did,
    financed and fuelled by bread and jam,
    food deprivation that I hid
    from jealous kids who’d mock the scam
    of pride misjudging as a winner
    ForD denoting "Forfeit Dinner"

    So while, no doubt, they envied me
    I lusted their hot Sunday lunch
    as they indulged in recipes
    for dishes needing bite and crunch,
    while dominating our car trips
    an overwhelming yearn for chips.

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    Well, the fact that this poem made me hungry -- is that sign of success? Given the content, i am not sure. But it puts it into perspective, indeed. That is what good poetry does-- it uses what is between the lines to show you "a glimpse"; so few words pack here so much a punch, you did well, i think.

    Thank you for sharing, algernon.


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      Wants versus needs is the way i interpreted this. Nicely done algernon.


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        yes I like this a clever well thought through piece


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          Love the play on words in the title! Clever. I'm a bit behind in saying so, but welcome to the zone algernon .


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            Hello algernon, Tinted with fine humour yet masterfully underpinned with the physical consequences of materialism. Exceedingly well composed and a joy to read. Very well done indeed. Do take care now, Tony.


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              Thank you all for your generous comments


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                This really puts things into perspective.

                Ironically, I was pondering the notion of envying others, coveting their lives.

                You just never know.