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  • A Pacemaker?

    The Pits to Face Reality,
    what Might be in Store for me.
    To keep Me from the Undertaker,
    might Install a darn Pacemaker.

    If I have to Get this Thing,
    might as Well come with Bling.
    it’s my Opinion in these Talks,
    Just install a small Boombox

    Rock is Used to Speed the Heart,
    Jazz to Slow it Down in Part.
    Country makes Me feel Alive,
    Rap to Turn me Cool and Thrive.

    No headphones I Make that clear,
    Music would Pump out my Ear.
    With a Switch and In a Blink,
    I’d be Able to Lip Sync.

    Could be Heartthrob at my Age,
    in Senior Centers be the Rage.
    The Wave from There would be Title,
    my Debut - American Idol.
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    Rock on Bob! Rock on! Best of luck with the procedure if it comes your way. I know several people who are thriving after having it done - don't know if that's statistically the norm, but they seem satisfied. Of course, theirs is the old-fashioned kind - not something new fangled like you describe here. This would make it SO much cooler.


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      Thank you. Just in discussion stages at this point. Actually, I think that I will hold out for a Bigger Boombox so that my Pecs can keep time with the music.


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      Hello Bob, Bob and the Pacemakers, music from the heart. Your outlook on life is inspirational. Easy does it, rock 'n' stroll on the riffs of life. Wishing you, the best of luck, Tony.


      • Muttado1sb
        Muttado1sb commented
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        And ‘you’ll never walk alone!’* With the rhythm you have in your rhymes I’m surprised you’re in those discussions, Bob! Do what is best for you and may you come out feeling better.

        *Okay, so it was Gerry and the Pacemakers who wrote that song. Having recently watched a Liverpool game Tony’s post brought it out. You’ve got your own rhymes to sing.

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      Thanks - never to old to Rock 'n' Roll.


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        Well, so far the only Pacemaker I've got is self imposed - trying to space out eating a half gallon of ice cream in two sittings instead of one.