Here’s the BobGrantKCcoin,
Jump on Board – Why not Join?
Want some Proof before you Do,
here’s What this Coin gets for You:

Sunshine when the Clouds aren’t There,
Fill your Lungs at Will with Air,
Toe Nails grow At their own Speed,
Nose that Runs with Spring Ragweed,
Big Billboards where they’re Allowed,
Words that you Can shout Out loud,
Pick your Nose at any Time,
Deciding when You’re in your Prime,
Dream in Day or at Night,
When to Brag or be Contrite,
Keep your Thoughts within your Head,
Words that You can Keep or Spread.

Many more Might come to Mind,
surely Don’t be left Behind.
Nothing else for You to Bring,
this Coin won’t Cost you a Thing.