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Night Sky's Lament

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  • Night Sky's Lament

    By Alan Stallsmith

    Remember the time Charioteer seemed to be our own?
    We knew its galaxy path by memorization as a secret only the two of us shared.

    Remember when we soared high with Birds Of Paradise?
    Oh how the spectrum would leave us breathless as the Winged Horse trotted quietly across the sky.

    But these days I only taste the smoke of Dragon.
    The Water Serpent pulls me under lonely ocean.

    And I would grab constellations for you as they light up the night but your eyes as distant as Andromeda and Berenice's Hair is now covered in shame.

    For I can no longer try to tear you from Cassiopeia's shallow spell because Vanity has become your Northern Crown.

    So I reminisce instead, with broken compass in hand, a shard of hope that Perseus will bring you back to me, exactly as you were when the universe began.

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    Wow. I really enjoyed all of the celestial references and imagery!


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      This was special-- i truly felt it. You brought volumes to the table, such beauty.

      Is the Smoke of Dragon specific? My ear wants to put the plural "s" onto it. I too enjoyed thoroughly the references to mythology.
      And that ending resounds with such force, so true, so devestatingly heartbreaking. That distance! That is what i look for, that palpable longing, yearning love described. Thanks for reminding me.
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