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    Wait, wait, think about it now
    Are we caught up in the moment
    A separation of truth and doubt

    Clear the air
    Clear the air

    Make it clear to me that this is happening
    I cannot wake from this distorted dream
    My mind trapped in your wicked machine
    Make it clear to me that this is really happening

    The lights aren't twisting like they used to
    My heart isn't beating how it wanted to
    Are you list'ning or sleeping, Oh God, get out
    Oh Mother, won't you break your silent vow

    We need to hear
    We need to hear

    Tell me, son, what truly comes of love
    But another diversion I'm unworthy of

    Can you walk through walls
    Is there a window to my soul
    I'm dying to know

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    Hi Bison - Your other post "Test" which contains only that word. Did you want me to delete it now that I've Approved your post? I'm not sure why, must have been an editing mishap, or something. It is restored.


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      Yes, please. RLW messaged me about this issue as well. Thank you. I am unsure as to what happened in regards to my posts being delayed or blocked.