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  • "$19.99"

    You can Buy at any Time,
    It’s just “$19.99.”
    If you Want to Seal the Deal,
    let’s Talk turkey – Make it Real.

    Start by Cutting TV Ads,
    Money saved Will be in Scads.
    Hawk your Products and for Free,
    Word of Mouth and Start with Me.

    You can Trust this – nothing Blurred,
    Pass it On – rest Assured.
    Now the Products – my Suggestions,
    Run with It – not any Questions.

    Lamborghini’s – Diamond Rings,
    standard Stuff fit for the Kings.
    A Small Jet - an Island too,
    Gold Bars there Out the Wazoo.

    Sales for Stuff will surely Soar,
    I’m not Finished – Have one More.
    Buying Frenzy will be Gripping,
    Two for One – Throw in the Shipping.