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Wire Coat Hangers

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  • Wire Coat Hangers

    Wire Coat Hangers – a Mystery to Me,
    multiply Faster than Rabbits you See.
    It doesn’t Matter what Kind of Weather,
    More than Two of Them – just "Hook Up" together.

    We never Bought them - They just have Appeared,
    the Way they Accumulate – just kind of Weird.
    If People were Hangers you Know what’s in Store,
    Billions and Billions of we People More.
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    Dry Cleaners are surely
    the source of your glut,
    Just hanging about
    for a chance to hook-up
    the limit is set when
    the closet won't shut.
    For people and rabbits,
    they come self-propelled;
    the question is just
    what can the world hold.


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      On the upside - with a little creative bending they make great weenie or marshmallow roasters for the campfire!


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        Thanks - pretty sure oysters weren't making them multiple. Yes, also digging hair our of the shower drain - maybe another rhyme?


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          Editing a comment
          If anyone can do it - you can Bob!