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A Persistent Memory

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  • A Persistent Memory

    The needle, thin, as it went in,
    Broke skin but did not sting.
    The potion, strong, did not take long
    A dreamless sleep to bring.

    I do not know how long below
    The conscious realm I spent.
    I heard no clocks, no ticks or tocks;
    Without a sound, time went.

    There was no spark to light the dark
    Depths into which I sank.
    Naught did I spy with my mind's eye
    My dulled stare drew a blank.

    Let me be straight, this was no state
    Of Euthanasia.
    It was, instead, the realm half-dead
    Of Anaesthesia.

    Then, all around seemed to resound
    With echoes of my name.
    A soft whisper that grew crisper
    Till a tune it became.

    To shun the voice was not a choice;
    Command of me it took.
    It turned my helm from the dark realm
    Like a fish on a hook.

    Upward I flew, and as I drew
    Close to the living plane,
    Where with a shake I was to wake,
    I saw an angel plain!

    It was the same who sang my name;
    Her face when it did loom
    Shot forth a bright beam of white light
    That stripped away the gloom.

    I could have sworn that she had worn
    A halo and two wings.
    But now I know that in the glow
    My eyes were seeing things.

    But though I know she was not so
    Divine and heavenly.
    The angel of the light above
    That nurse will be to me.

    And though I know that down below
    Was bare (nothing was there),
    Against my will, it persists still,
    And holds me in its snare.
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    I enjoyed this Raoul. Nurses are hardworking caring angels 😊. I liked how you weaved this story.


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    This experience seems to have had a deep and lasting impact for sure and it is also a great tribute to the nursing profession. Now confession time - on first pass the last verse made me think you were referring to waking up with your lower regions unclothed! So after a good giggle, I re-read and got your drift!


    • Raoul D'Harmental
      Raoul D'Harmental commented
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      Haha. I might have to rework that last verse now. Thanks for reading this!

    • mooneyblack
      mooneyblack commented
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      Oh don't rework on my behalf - it made me smile!

    • Raoul D'Harmental
      Raoul D'Harmental commented
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      Ah, I'll leave it as it is then. Thanks again for reading!

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    This was a captivating read, from start to finish!

    I especially relate to this, since my mother is a nurse.

    Excellent write!


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      The master story teller is at it again - this time in a scenario to which many can relate. I must be hanging around mooneyblack's poetry too much as I had the same first impression on those lines and was thinking how out of character it was from most of your other work! I saw your responses above, so all's well that ends well, right? Smashing work once again Raoul! You do this ballad style very well.


      • mooneyblack
        mooneyblack commented
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        I'm a bad influence lol

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      Raoul D'Harmental I really enjoyed the second stanza! It was brilliant! Excellent Write Wonderful Read!