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English Expressions????

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  • English Expressions????

    I am Not the First who Questions,
    Meaning of English Expressions????

    If you Keep an “Open Mind,”
    Brains fall Out and Hard to Find.

    “Penny for Your Thoughts” seems Light,
    “Two Cents Worth” reply is Slight.

    Why do People yell “Heads Up,”
    when Mostly they Want you to Duck?
    “Win Hands Down” or Loose Hands Up?
    “Skin of Your Teeth” the answer Yup.

    We “Type Things Up” when Want to Peck,
    but “Write Them Down” – What the Heck?

    ”Three Sheets to the Wind” – what’s That?
    a “Piss Poor” aim – I Should have Sat.

    “Bite the Bullet” – Ain’t no Way,
    or “Kick the Bucket” have to Say.

    If “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs,”
    why not Snowing Toads and Frogs?

    If “Your Heart is On your Sleeve,”
    Bladder Shoes to mark Relieve?

    “Humble Pie” with cold Ice Cream,
    “Butter Up” for Self Esteem.

    English is a Wonderment,
    but no Need to Reinvent.
    those Just starting - New to You,
    I’m still Lost at Seven-Two.

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    I really hope you put all of these in a book one day. Your collection would bring smiles to so many - adults and children alike!


    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      I agree with RLW, Bob! A collection of not just these expressions but all your rhymes would be quite an enjoyable read!

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    Well Done BobGrantKC ! I agree with RhymeLovingWriter you should put them all in a book!


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      Nice one - its when you see them all written down like this that you realise just how interesting our language and terms have become. I agree that it would be lovely to see the phrases in a book perhaps with the history of where they emanated from


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        Thank you. I had never thought about it nor do I have a clue how to get a book published? However, I will research more expressions and put them to rhyme on this site. I'm certain there are more that are familiar but I will also search for those not so familiar. Thank you all for the idea!!!


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          All of these are familiar
          and most occur in English "English"
          which suggests they are pre-The
          War of Independence unlike Faucet etc.


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            I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier - I am going to do some novice research and see what additional expressions that I might be able to rhyme? Thank you!