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Facade for Cloak (Inspired by Tanner)

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  • Facade for Cloak (Inspired by Tanner)

    While Knowledge is an inexhaustible pool,
    those who wade into her depths
    with genuine curiosity
    are few,
    and some find her unrecognizable
    since prejudice and hubris
    distort her features.

    They are quick to forsake facts
    in favour of
    advantageous assertions.
    They will neither
    nor alter their conclusions
    in deference to the evidence,
    since they suffer
    not from failing eyes,
    but fickle fidelity.

    seeks not to distort the evidence,
    but to assess it.

    And the altruistic
    neither deny the facts
    nor misrepresent them.
    Since their allegiance
    is to the normative
    not the narrative.

    while facts defy motive,
    truth is the harmony between
    knowledge and wisdom,
    intention and action,
    those whose cause is just
    need no facade for cloak.


    I was was inspired to write this after reading Tanner 's thought-provoking series of Haikus,
    The Problem with Truth.

    I encourage all to read this, and his many, masterful works.

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    Your writings would fill a beautiful book of wisdom Dwayne.


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      '...their allegiance is (is) to the narrative, not the the normative...' Ka-POW! Absolutely wonderful write DWAYNE ! Thanks Tanner for your great verse which inspires this!


      • DWAYNE
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        Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading, and your kind words.

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      I love this line especially: " . . .wisdom seeks not to distort the evidence,but to assess it." Well done DWAYNE!


      • DWAYNE
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        Thanks for the read, and the compliment.

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      DWAYNE, Your erudition is legendary. Your insights, compassion and wisdom and economy of diction are wonders to behold. I feel honoured if in any small way I encourage your Poetry. As I have said before, you are a moral compass for the Zone. You are a marvellous human being!!!!


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        It is always humbling to receive a compliment, especially such high praise.

        I think, at least I hope, that we are all just trying to leave this place - whatever scrap of space we occupy - better than we found it!