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Grandma's Gravestone

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  • Grandma's Gravestone

    By Alan Stallsmith

    Mind's eye
    A monochromatic movie
    Where the colors try
    To bleed into each frame...

    There's a farm there
    Where the protagonist boy plays detective
    With a BB gun
    And guinea birds
    The unfortunate victim
    Of curiosity
    And pet cats
    Meowing for attention.

    With an imagination
    Vivid and bright
    And cuts on dirty fingers
    He knew he wanted to dig
    Until he found someone who loved him.

    He cries:
    "Daddy do you remember?
    The time I smashed my ankle
    With the wagon tongue
    I just wanted to help you.
    And oh how I apologize
    I'm not a full time farmer too."

    He pleads:
    "Oh Mommy I didn't mean
    To let you down
    The day the fire
    Exploded each window
    And I found my toys
    Ash food for the
    Disappointments and regrets
    I'd learn every day since."

    "Like when we ran so fast
    In the cemetary
    That my cousin bled
    After hitting her head
    On the monument
    Of a person we'll never know."

    He takes a breath and focuses.
    "But Grandma's gravestone
    Is there now too
    And she was so proud of me
    When I built the computer
    With my own hands.
    Her own were in the kitchen
    Kneading bread."

    The image haunts his head.
    Little white country church
    And her tattered Bible.
    Devotions in an old orange chair

    He looks to his battered calendar
    And checks on the date
    It is January 8th
    Tomorrow is the day
    That his grandmother passed away.

    He whispers, barely audible:
    "She had a request in her eyes
    With a pleading I couldn't place
    But oh now I know
    She just wanted me to pray.
    On bended knee
    to Jesus."
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    I cried, I smiled, I saw and I remembered. Not only my grandma but all those before me who loved me and made me possible.
    Congratulations on this eternal remembrance


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      Not too late to honor. This is beautiful.


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        A beautiful tribute delivered like a walk through your life. Thank you for allowing us to join you and condolences on your loss.


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          Thanks everybody! This is probably my most autobiographical poem I've ever written.


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            Wonderful imagery! Looks like it could be the foundation for a larger work such as an autobiography or and autobiographic novel! Well done alan650!