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  • Tony Bennett’s in the House

    Hey, I just got a phone call from Tony Bennett. Who doesn't love Tony?

    The Real Estate Waiting Game Volume #22

    I'm sitting at the reception desk where success is always my tenet
    when all of a sudden the telephone rings on the line is Tony Bennett
    Now everyone knows Sinatra's the chairman, but Tony's the head of the senate
    I have to keep him on the line and think of a way to extend it

    'Hello Tony, it's great to hear your voice, in a New York State of Mind today?
    "Well, I left my heart in San Francisco, in the city by the bay"
    'I'm sure it's sad and it breaks your heart, but I'm here to show you the way
    a beautiful home in the Hudson Valley, where your broken heart can stay'

    "They say the neon lights are bright on the street called ole Broadway"
    'Yes they are my friend Tony Bennett and we're only two hours away
    You can also stay close to home, in Kingston we know how to play
    your favorite songs, oh how your heart longs, reminiscing your yesterdays'

    "Can I Climb Every Mountain even though I'm eighty nine?"
    'You can hitch a ride on the ski slope side, Hunter Mountain is so divine
    Invite Lady Ga Ga, and your friends from desert Baja, we'll toast with California Wine
    In a Winter Wonderland you can party with your fans, just sign on the dotted line'

    "Well this sounds great and it's never too late, at my age Anything Goes
    Where do I begin, I'm in for the win, I'm happy and I hope it shows"
    'What a fabulous find, your dream's been defined, we found your home in the valley'
    "And for your efforts, my real estate expert, big commissions for you to tally"

    (c) All Rights Reserved Boe Burke January 2017

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    You're fishing in a shrinking pool
    while age defines your catch
    and turtles would rather sun their shells
    on a hot Caribbean beach
    but sell your dreams of active age
    in chilly hill surroundings,
    the patrons won't have so far to go
    for Cryo's promised blessings.


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      New York New York these are always fun to read!


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        lunar glide thanks. Your response makes perfect sense Glad you enjoyed!


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          Another smooth crooner falls to your real estate charm!


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            RhymeLovingWriter thank you Paula for your continued support. I know I can use you as a reference when the next star steps into my office looking for a home in the beautiful and popular Hudson Valley.


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              You could serenade the stars with these Bobby; thanks for cheering us all.


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                Nicely done Bobby. I enjoy these.


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                  mooneyblack thank you Karen, glad you enjoyed. Cheers!


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                    Alexandra, as long as you keep liking them I’ll keep writing em. Can’t wait to get back in my new home so I can settle down.