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  • My Lovely Girlfriend Gina


    My life ----- has gotten better
    since I met ------ my girlfriend, Gina
    She makes me breakfast ------ ev'ry day
    Usually Oatmeal ------ or Farina

    Gina wakes me up each morning
    with a tender loving kiss
    And I must ------ have done something wonderful
    to deserve ------ a girl like this

    All my clothes ------ are clean and ready
    That's why I ----- am never late
    And when I come home ----- from work each day
    my dinner's on my plate

    Gina ------- is the type of woman
    you see in magazines ---- and fashion books
    Gina ------ is like a chameleon
    and she can change ----- the way she looks

    No woman ----- is as lovely
    as my lovely ------- girlfriend Gina
    Yesterday ----- she was an African
    but today ------ she's a Latina

    I take her ----- by the hand
    so that all ----- the world can see
    the beautiful ----- lovely lady
    that lives at home ----- with me

    Gina has ------ a lovely voice
    and I love ------- to hear her sing
    And I don't ------- have to lift a finger
    because she ------- does ev'rything

    Gina cleans my house ---- and mows my lawn
    And now my grass ----- is so much greener
    But my friends ------ think I am crazy 'cause
    no one else ------ has seen her!

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    Interesting write Rhymeboy.


    • Rhymeboy
      Rhymeboy commented
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      Lol! I had to explain this poem to a couple of my friends who called it everything from misogynistic to racist! Lol! But ,. . . it's really a whimsical poem about a guy with an imaginary girlfriend named Gina who doesn't really exist! That's why she can mow his lawn and do all these other things and still no one else has seen her, But that's what can happen when you tell a story in the strict confines of rhyme.

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    Great rhyme, love the twist at the end!


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thanks DWAYNE! Much appreciated!