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Reveal "Tonight" (Villanelle)

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  • Reveal "Tonight" (Villanelle)

    Don't worry, my love, tonight
    The stars are ampler hued lamps shining.
    The day's gone by and revealed you.

    As lost as ever, walking streets
    Let the air have you;
    Don't worry my love tonight.

    A broken smile hanging there;
    Angels learn the secret music.
    The day's gone by and revealed you.

    Black as smoke, blue
    As smoke, silvery stream through us,
    Don't worry, my love, tonight.

    As the senses refreshed can clear
    The voice left in the air,
    The day's gone by and revealed you.

    Like some invisible string to pull
    As if your ear were tuned to hear:
    Don't worry, my love tonight,
    The days go by and they reveal you.
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    This is an eloquent, beautiful poem.

    Some elegant phrases here, for sure.