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    Father, father,
    But what of all the broken windows,--
    And the foot might slip
    Which walks toward you. So why
    In the shadow of a promise kept,
    Such sunburnt death
    Of crow's feet and
    Endless burning flesh? -- I could touch
    Trying to palliate the fear,
    O thou fearful one, who's mastered
    Each bitter element's extreme;--
    Do you remember the stream
    Which rocks today into tomorrow,
    And if you choose you can too--
    Live in a flowerless field of Dis.
    Like a quaint moment from a poem,
    You too can taste the flower's blood.
    While i wait,
    Father, father, father, overwrite over me,
    Copy right down to the last detail,
    Why was I mistaken, why was I forsaken?
    I did it to myself, and then blamed you.
    I watched our roles choreographed--
    And they reversed. I feared
    Everyone, expect the same
    From the unknown element, dismay when
    I dizzily realized i made my own fears
    With you. To decide once again
    Consciously manifest, bring back
    Light and love to the stars you
    Once thought dead.
    All of the broken, discordant dead
    Voices inside my head,
    I don't want you to shut up,
    I want you to speak louder,
    Speak to me why the mistake is so
    Deep and read my mind
    Tell why a conscious creator cannot
    Create consciousness,
    Tell me where your rules bend,
    Prophesy from poesy, let attend
    Dark garden down avenue of hanging
    My hands are out to touch the planet
    I want new space and a new self,
    Me you and i can go drinking the light,
    I wonder if you leak from
    Learning so much that you
    Spend breaking broken moments trying
    To cover up death upon death piled
    Like i am not responsible i am conscious
    Aware of the onus put upon
    Like children's skin which lives
    i don't need an alibi--
    I am not confused.

    The charges spit at me were from you,
    Father, father, father, father,
    Growing until i could understand
    That the stillness would grow, i knew not how.
    I understanding this could believe
    Anything i wanted to, for at the center is
    Only you. These things,
    I would think were wrong, the standards set
    Do not matter as to pleasantries,
    Chatter of the hemispheres,
    That is the blind spot which no one will
    Ever see, and that is what speaks
    In lying awaiting moments like this; you see
    I've been swallowed whole
    By my Other self, and come to you
    Blushing as to how
    I could put it all into one place without
    losing it or making a mess.

    These masks we wear
    Are not masks at all--
    And listening long enough
    To that voice will drive
    Into the sun my Notion:
    I waited for you to come,
    I waited,
    Alive forever until.

    You just happen to complete
    The direction I'm in,
    Both of us can look and see
    How dark the shadows
    Ultimate-- cast by light,
    Is the universe
    More light or more dark?--

    In the background i see distance
    Unable to tell me what it is,
    And inside it's hunger little being lives
    The silence i could come to love,
    While sitting in a chair late
    Near to the fire while we warmed
    You could taste the wine
    And the wind hit the naked branches
    Against the window,
    I am not cold but shivering still.
    I waited for you to come,

    Now, I wait for you to leave?--
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    The father has touched you yet laying in the frozen nature of the mother. Why so cold the father written? Cryo seed waiting to penetrate the egg of spring. This is how I felt when i read this, forgive me if I intruded! I liked so much


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      Thank you i really appreciate your comment -- This one was a turning point, methinks, as i breached another level of connection/resonance. Hope it carries!