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Quandary of Whereabouts (for amenOra)

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  • amenOra
    Dis-orientation. You can perturb the process so that you think you know the answer but the truth is, in a world of false expectations and erratic behavior, it's through this "reflection" that we can gain a better idea of what these mean to us.

    The stark truth to this is ... enjoyable? It's like a paradox, and that produces the 'intellectual' movement of ideas.

    Then i think its best that way, non-identified. Our language centers create abstractions, as we know, and we mistake the picture for the reality. Which i am compelled to say that -- your poem was fun for that fact.

    Have a good one. Simple, interesting thoughts.

    Kudos, Tanner.

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  • Tanner
    started a topic Quandary of Whereabouts (for amenOra)

    Quandary of Whereabouts (for amenOra)

    Upon reflection
    I know not who I am or
    In what realm I live