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  • Christmas Passed

    An Rath Mhor

    And here I stare
    at a star strewn sky
    and what I see is years gone by
    for what shines back is ancient light
    and if ever outlooked an ancient eye
    from this spangled eternity
    it saw only an ancient earth
    on the edge of obscurity.
    Dawn, and where from sunrise
    the river mist has cleared,
    Atlantic air, roiled by mountain tops,
    spawns cloud Himalayas rolling over
    Magillicudy's Reeks, The Paps,
    Caer Barna, throwing up great vistas
    of Katchenjunga, Kilimanjaro, Everest,
    pillowed promontories sailing east
    backlit where the sun breaks through.

    Night & Day

    Will you listen that? It's the wind
    that never knew a friend,
    that in the dark night
    draws on the souls
    of lost generations.
    - - -
    Do you hear that? It's the rain.
    A drumroll for a masked Assassin
    who stabs a thousand times
    an inch of precipitation.
    - - -
    Now you see that? It's the sun,
    that in the bright morn
    lays down challenges
    to muscle-puffed sumo clouds
    and draws rainbows of anticipation.

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    I like this plenty Johntee. The conversational tone, narrowing observation to emotion, really strikes me as perfect writing. The first stanza my favorite - perhaps because the most relatable for me. Really nice work. Thank you.