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Darkness in Paradise (Inspired by Tanner's, The New Ice Age)

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  • Darkness in Paradise (Inspired by Tanner's, The New Ice Age)

    No blood oaths need be taken
    kindred spirits just presume,
    brothers in every sense
    but common womb.

    The darkness
    followed me to paradise,
    an aching heart
    I could not explain.
    an impending sorrow
    alas, we would not meet again.

    Stolen at the edge of manhood
    glimpsed but never to climb
    for us
    no tomorrow's
    just yesteryears frozen in time.

    No thoughts of midlife crisis
    too far the future
    left unseen.
    Can it all end so abruptly?
    Can forever amount to just sixteen?


    My best friend died in a tragic car accident, at the age of sixteen, along with two other, equally young, acquaintances.

    I was on vacation at the time, when I had an inexplicable sense of dread which cloaked me in melancholy.

    I did not learn of his death until I returned home, a week after the funeral.

    I later discovered that the onset of my sorrow occurred at the hour of his passing.
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    I'm sorry to hear of the loss both of you suffered. I've heard many such stories of our 'connectedness' over the years. Both pieces speak eloquently to the reality of your loss.


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      Hello Dwayne, This is so awfully sad, to lose a friend at such a young age and to feel the sense of his parting from so far away would break a heart forever. God bless and take care, Tony.


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        RLW, I wrote a lengthy response here; however, it was immediately flagged and removed. I actually think I did that. Can you please find my post and reinstate it. Thanks in advance for your help!


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          So very touching Dwayne and sad. Very sorry for your loss.
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            I'm sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to your 'brother'; very moving; thank you for sharing and how touching that another's poem inspired you to share and perhaps release such a private memory.