love burns - prison scars
we end up needy voices
can I maintain this face
too much of one thing --
i've touched the zone
past your armored caring,
halted in a satellite orbit,
thought of 'immanent demise'.

love burns - prison scars
getting you to care
after I learned how to
care from you, and took
the rest of what was
with me to my grave.
I am the pauper with the
flowers he's hugging.

love burns - prison scars
I can't walk this place,
my complaint is defiled,
some of you aren't fooled--
but I wasn't trying
to obfuscate the issue--
skirt it with a flood,
the stone skips
between our paths.

love burns - prison scars -
meet me face to face
beyond 'magnified separation'
at the burning touch
which consumes all beneath it,
sway to the tyranny
beneath what moves,
wants and hungers, most for
control of you and what's inside.

love burns - prison scars
I fade gradually into you,
same shape. now you are
madder for the truth of knowing
no more need be said--
I remember sunlight sculpted
your very breath,--
and though it's cold
I won't remember how cold
my fingers are probably
sad inside my gloves.

love burns - prison scars
I catch you near to the door
opening as I watch you
drinking from the jug of milk.
I say, close the ice box
and come sit near me.
listen to my voice carry.
it is larger than the houses
and the hills and definitely
the horses jumping out there.

I was wrong again --
the entire time it was
something I never understood--
that I can now,
it is possible-- I do not check
where I came in.
I am not a door man.
behind the silence
composed of this hush,
under fervid skies

the centuries spin
clockwise -- counter clockwise?
I remember who I am...
trying to figure 'why'.