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5 Winter Haiku (Reposted for my RZ friends)

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  • 5 Winter Haiku (Reposted for my RZ friends)

    For my RZ friends who have influenced my poetry
    greatly in the last couple of years

    In winter lilac
    Bushes naked and forlorn
    Remember their scent

    Snowflakes randomly
    Zigzag like white fireflies have
    I wasted my life

    Idle thoughts like faint
    Fox tracks disappear under
    Plumage of first snow

    In hidden hovels
    Small animals hunkered down
    Are glad for their lives

    While coyotes sing
    In snow darkness swirling wind
    I dream of my friends

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    Ah, warmed by the exuberance here, pure Snowed in fun. I love the way you bring such freshness to an idea, very much -- the use of lack of punctuation or very little, and the unconventional linebreaks. Neat, you brought me 'there'.

    I have been making it a point to capture certain essences, what some call "drala" --nature spirits/elements. Such as how the dark of winter so cold can be deeper somehow, and how on snowy days we might become pensive, blue; our thoughts mirror the stark outside, and this with little 'red' light, so the colors and waves affect our being all the time.

    A poet does well to attempt to capture this, I think, in his own way. Both of which you've done, which led to my yapping, then. Eh.


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      Five elements,
      idle thoughts
      brush strokes


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        Very nice Tanner Thank You!


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          Nicely done Tanner.


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            You have painted a beautiful winter scene; bitterly cold but heartwarming. Thank you


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              Tanner you are an eloquent, passionate poet, and, as revealed by your work, an exceptional human being.

              Thanks for the revelations and enlightenment your poetry affords.


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                You are a master of the form, endlessly brilliant. I tried to select one that most spoke to me. I was unable to. All speak to my soul.


                • DWAYNE
                  DWAYNE commented
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                  I read them as one poem, the impact was even more powerful!