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Odd - How Odd: A Haiku

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  • Odd - How Odd: A Haiku

    We are only here
    Because the KT event
    Was perfectly timed

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    If the huge meteor (7 miles across) had impacted out in the Pacific ocean (only a few seconds of the earth's rotation) instead of where it hit, Tanner would not be here to have watched a TV documentary about it, nor any readers or in fact anybody else that we would recognize as human. Pause for much thought I think.


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      This brings up The moon. That is another wow'ing thing. Its perfect relationship, how most of the time the sun and moon appear the same size. I am not sure whether they really believe the moon was split off from earth. Then thinking it's artificial makes me wonder, about the planets with multiple 'satellites' and that sort of thing. I love science. I love ideas that are beautiful, of which science has many.

      But on first glance of this idea I want to take it apart with my discerning cynicality.

      The poem falls flat without prior knowledge or acquaintance with "KT event" and a sort of exposition. Either way you use such a technique with your writing as to dazzle, in realms of both speculation/ideas and profound feelings/enigmas. Something!
      Thanks for sharing.


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        The fact hat we are an accident
        requires no deeply thought comment
        only that the Earth might in time regret
        the chances missed to annihilate.