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Zen Master Speaks: 7 Haiku (Edited, Resequenced & Reposted)

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  • Zen Master Speaks: 7 Haiku (Edited, Resequenced & Reposted)

    Pupil brought cooked fish
    For Zen Master “How will this
    Feed our ancestors?

    Where does water come
    From?” Zen Master “Have you not
    Seen the moon shed tears

    “Where is Nirvana?”
    Pupil asked Zen Master “When
    It rains sleep outside

    What happens after
    Death?” Zen Master “The rice bowl
    Collects flies like dust

    Pupil asked “Why are
    Stones silent?” “They have lost their
    Former tongues of fire

    Pupil asked "What is
    Joy?" "At quiet lake when loon
    Ruffles her feathers"

    Zen Master stopped the
    Pupil from speaking “Silence
    Has no need of clothes

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    There are more questions
    than answers but one answer
    answers all of those.


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      You've managed to portray the beauty of Eastern thought... which is a feat in itself. From the beginning, you had me, it was 'food for thought' all around. Stanza 3... rains / sleep? I don't quite get how it could rain 'sleep' unless fairydust, which isn't indicated. rains (comma) sleep? as in a suggestion? Just my 2cents.


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        AmenOra, I meant the stanza to mean, "If the Pupil is stupid enough to ask where Nirvana is, he should sleep outside in the rain, and "think about things". I would also think that the Zen Master wants to impress upon the Pupil that "Nirvana" should not be considered a geographical place or location, but a state of Enlightenment that is hard to attain. Thank you for your 2cents. Your talent hoards a fortune!


        • amenOra
          amenOra commented
          Editing a comment
          thanks, of course that first notion that 'nirvana isn't 'place'' really made sense, and I was clarifying ... somehow that idea relationship of 'how absurd the question is' didn't come to me at first. Though that is the spirit of "guru" consciousness.
          The fool and the master always play.

          Well Zen masters aren't Gurus, but you know what I mean, I think. Too-daloo.
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