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  • Dragon


    The gods and goddesses

    Gave humanity Earth

    Filled it with marvels and wonders

    Of many kinds

    Not done as a gift

    But as a distraction

    From exploring the stars

    And to protect them from the horrors

    That lurked out in the dark.

    And to punish Them.

    “Are you one of the...?”

    She looks away from me and up to Suprema for the answer.

    Yes, we nod simultaneously

    She said, “Oh, I might of fucked up your Karma.”

    I laugh bitterly.

    “No kidding. I want to cry and scream.”

    I swallow my iced Starbucks like it was whiskey

    Tight like a man

    Hiding what’s unwinding inside.

    She didn’t need to ask

    Everybody knows what we did

    A hostile takeover gone awry

    I stamped the camel crush out in the ashtray.

    I’ve been fighting for my redemption ever since.

    “This is the last time you’ll have to do this.”

    The voice of Suprema assured us at age 18

    After I just stuck a gram of cocaine up my nose

    To get through the next wave of adoring

    Hands and fingers groping

    Tongues and mouths probing



    Clean as a whistle

    Shrieking through the night

    Calling fouls on friends and foes

    Painting myself into a perfect little corner

    Begging to go home

    Seven sins for good measure

    But most of all I’m Pride.

    My beautiful dragon can back it, her cockiness

    Blues and purples and oranges and reds

    Feathery flames, hair wild in the wind

    Wide eyes and a heart shaped mouth

    And a wickedness I can’t resist

    She designed herself creation

    I live for the moments of eye loving


    Her laugh to ease the tension


    In sport she is Champion

    Queen Bee in the making

    Incineration is now my salvation.

    I’m never going to make it there.

    I burned too hard

    And there’s the thing about my fucked Karma

    But I promise I’ll see them all at home


    The life light burns brilliantly

    With all of them in it

    Waiting for our return

    Lovers fighting an Eternity.
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    Many likes sister


    • Sister Greed
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      Thank you, The Second.

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    Read. . . and read again.
    A commercial past
    still calling for redemption?


    • Sister Greed
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      Good call Johntee.

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    I liked this SG. I don’t really believe in karma but I liked the ride.


    • Sister Greed
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      Nice ATL, something different. Do you believe in Newton's Third Law? Action and opposite equal reaction. They might be related but I’m not sure how...

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    Sister Greed, This narrative is way above my pay grade! I live on the flat earth and still believe ships can fall off the ocean at the horizon.


    • Sister Greed
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      No you don’t Tanner! Your mountains spring to life as wolves, fully animated with the life force! Just like you.

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    The revelation and power of honest, raw emotion ring throughout this piece. From a prompt? Holy cow Sister Greed - you take my breath away with some of this phrasing...too many instances to single out. And yet, among the lines that sting (in ways I can appreciate) is this: 'But most of all I’m Pride.' It is at the root of every evil, and you have called it out in most scathing fashion. Bravissima, poetess! Well done.


    • Sister Greed
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      RLW, your words are too kind for my very rough attempt at novice storytelling. But thank you for each one of them!

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    it's like a saga... vast. you used the space provided poignantly. We can get a better idea of what the narrator -- you, in effect, I think -- is all about. You began with an impersonal tone, then hovered into beyond the verge, where we got the sense of how true and immediate your world is. Then the ending draws it up quite nicely, with that same impersonal tone.
    Thank you for sharing.