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The Jagged Edge

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  • The Jagged Edge

    This poem was the result of Sumyanna prompt (Poetry Prompt #8) I used all of the prompt words!


    I was walking down ---- the street one day
    It was a neighborhood ----- I knew well
    I found a neaby ------ bus stop bench
    and I thought I would ------ rest a spell

    This neighborhood was ----- my childhood home
    and I never thought----- I would return
    This is where Life ------ had taught me Death
    and other lessons ------ I would learn

    I thought about ----- my wretched life
    and the circumstances -------- of my birth
    and I wondered about -------- the reasons why
    I was placed here ------- on this Earth

    Then growing up through the sidewalk
    was a dandelion weed
    Its flower ----- was a puff of gray
    for it had already----- gone to seed

    I plucked the stem ----- and made a wish
    I thought of Prosperity, Health ----- and Peace
    I wished Happiness would spread ------ around the world
    and that all ------- these wars would cease

    And just to make ------ my wish come true
    Or, just to put ------- my mind at ease
    I looked up to the sky ------ and said
    a very humble ------- "Please"

    I started walking toward ------ the local bar
    It was called ----- the Jagged Edge
    It was where I changed ------ my life one day
    and I made ----- a solemn pledge

    Back then ------ my life was miserable
    and I was ------- a nervous wreck
    And I felt ------ as if the world was just
    a noose around my neck

    But then one night
    at the Jagged Edge
    I met a young man
    who taught me this pledge:

    I pledge to be Honest
    I pledge to be Kind
    I pledge not to be Angry
    and try to find
    a higher purpose
    to use my mind

    I pledge to be Happy
    And try not to be Sad
    I pledge to do Good
    and try not to be Bad

    I pledge to bring Light
    to the darkest of places
    And I pledge to make room
    in the tightest of spaces

    I pledge to do
    the very best that I can
    And I promise to be
    a much better man

    Yes ---- I try to live my life
    by this solemn pledge
    A pledge I made ----- one night down at
    a bar ----- the Jagged Edge

    Well ----- I arrived at the bar
    which wasn't that far
    And when I looked at the sky
    I saw a bright star

    Then ---- I was suddenly greeted
    by a rather large ---- alley cat
    and "Welcome" ----- was clearly printed
    upon ----- the front doormat

    Well ----- I cautiously opened the door
    I saw mugs ------ full of beer and foam!
    And all of my friends ------ were shouting at me
    "Hey, Buddy! ------- Welcome Home!"

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    Sounds like a great way to turn over a new leaf - at New Year's - or anytime!


    • Rhymeboy
      Rhymeboy commented
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      Thanks RhymeLovingWriter somehow the poem turned out like a New Years's Resolution but I didn't intend for it to be that way! Lol! I was just trying to use up all the prompt words! Lol!

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    Reminds me of the pubs we used to go - so welcoming and warm especially on very cold nights. Enjoyed this Rhymeboy.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you AtL! Like always, your comments are very much appreciated