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  • Nikola Tesla is his Name

    We take electricity for granted every time we turn on a light or the television . This man Nikola Tesla is my hero and to his benevolence I dedicate this poem

    Nikola Tesla is his Name (c) Glen Mitton 2017

    At the stroke of midnight during a lightning storm
    It was rumored Nikola Tesla was born ( July 10, 1856 in Smiljan, Lika , Croatia )
    His career began at a phone company
    It was there that he had an epiphany ( 1881 )
    Eager to show he drew in the sand
    His idea that would change the land
    The interest shown was lukewarm at best
    So he acted on his dream and he headed west ( To New York in 1884 )

    Thomas Edison hired him on the spot
    The duo was doomed it was all for naught
    Tesla tried to show " DC " was obsolete
    It was the Edison show on a one way street
    The " War of the Currents " had made it clear
    Tesla had won and that Tesla was here
    " AC " electric was the new power source
    We owe it all to Mr. Tesla of course

    George Westinghouse the industrialist
    Knew in his heart that Tesla was blessed
    Backing Tesla gave him the chance
    To hone his ideas to build and enhance
    Nikola Tesla's " Poly-phase System "
    Lit Chicago's World Fair Exposition ( 1893 )
    Fair goers marveled at the different arrays
    His new " Dynamo's " turned the night to day

    The proven man blueprints were made
    The vast potential would soon cascade
    The power of water was controlled for all
    Hydro electric from Niagara Falls ( 1895 )
    " Can you see the excitement coming " ( an actual quote )
    All you have to do is get the frequency humming
    Buffalo N.Y.was the first to receive ( 26 miles away )
    The transmission lines made the skeptics believe

    Radio waves were now controlled
    Nikola Tesla was on a roll
    Signor Marconi could not gloat
    Tesla was the first with an R/C boat ( 1898 )
    Off to Colorado Springs to do more tests ( 1899 )
    His friend Mark Twain was very impressed ( ie: Samuel Clemens )
    The " Master of Lightning " some did say
    He developed a method for his own x-ray

    Lecturing abroad and over seas
    He inspired many to some degree
    Tesla's wide range of impressive patents
    Told the story of a man of many talents
    He went before with new systems to propose
    The top brass monkeys were quick to oppose
    Maybe one day we will understand
    How we let his benevolence slip through our hands

    Here was a man who had a vision
    Power the world by " Wireless Transmission "
    The " Wardenclyffe Tower " was a state of mind ( built in Shoreham , Long Island , 1901 )
    It left ol' Tommy so far behind
    However the fact when it was his turn
    Like the " flight of Icarus " Tesla got burned
    J.P. Morgan had pulled the plug ( his new backer )
    Out from under Tesla like a dirty rug

    Metered for money as part of the bargain
    He was set aside for the profit margin
    Distancing himself from Tesla's threat ( Free Energy )
    Morgan and others did with no regrets
    Satisfied with himself with the corporate deal
    The future now favored the mogul big wheel
    The only sign that was up for grabs
    Was stenciled on the side of canvas bank bags

    Standing tall and a gentleman first
    He did not give in when up against the worst
    With funding gone it was a wall to high
    Looking up he only saw blue sky
    Try as he may to enlighten us all
    The greed the scandals he would not befall
    He is the Father of modern electricity
    He gave us a world of modern simplicity

    Like the new aeroplane the sky was the limit
    Tesla proved that there was no gimmick
    His " Induction Motor " and it's reliance ( prototype built in 1883 pat. 1888 )
    Gave rise to industry with it's modern appliance
    Time consuming chores of the day
    With a push of a button would go away
    It must of been exciting to witness the euphoria
    By a man who resided at the Waldorf Astoria ( New York, city , suite 3327 from 1933-1943. )

    Interest and more research fell on deaf ears
    He would remain alone throughout his years
    Public demonstrations to spark an interest
    Only to be seen as an odd eccentric
    Mystery surrounded him as a result
    His name became famous within the occult
    Unlike the historic esteemed steam engine
    History books give him barely a mention

    All was lost when Tesla passed ( January 7th, 1943 )
    Secrets stolen and shadows cast
    " Nothing will come from splitting the atom " ( actual quote )
    Problems foreseen were soon abandon
    No regard for the stardom glitter
    He was grounded to his " Magnifying Transmitter "
    Was there really a weapon in the box ?

    He figured the power he figured the yield
    He gave us the " Rotating Magnetic Field "
    Misunderstood ahead of his time
    The forgotten one now that's a crime
    Pay close attention to the wavy curtain ( dubbed the " The New Wizard of the west " )
    Behind it was a man to which we are certain
    He is the one , the one we cheer
    Inventor , Mechanic , Electrical Engineer

    Nikola Tesla is his name
    Because of him the world's not the same
    His devoted creed " To Benefit Mankind " ( actual quote )
    So tune him in and ride the sine !

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    Great writing about Tesla and so true how he was never given the recognition that he deserves because he wanted to benefit mankind. Another story how greed alters history’s perception and benefits the rich. Loved this Glen. All should read this.


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      Wow! And I thought I wrote long poems! This is like a book report! So informative! Nicely Done! Mr Tesla is somewhere smiling down at you as we speak! Great job Glen MItton!