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    I see color in black and white photographs
    All the sad songs bring a smile to my face
    I love waking up to look at the stars as they come out
    And I find the truth of love wrapped up in doubt

    Is there a strength I'm missing
    Here in my weakness
    Is there a light I can't see
    With my eyes screwed up so tight

    It's a mystery without a resolution
    Only answers without questions
    I never asked to be this way
    I thought you'd never look my way

    Can you hear all that silence amongst the static
    I can feel your heat across the vacuum of space
    The void that speaks like a rain cloud is whispering love
    Yet pouring salt over wounded earth

    Wash it away
    Wash it so far away
    I don't want to feel anymore
    I can't stand this weight of yours

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    Beautiful, I really enjoyed this, Bison. It has the sort of wit which I recognize, it's close to me, it feels personal. You use truth as an asset, and you probably know it can hurt you; that is the asset, the knowledge. However it brings a responsibility which in the end, you spurn. The beauty of this equation is that you have a lot of fuel to write, in the arena of philosophy and ideas, impassioned by the will to know thyself, which tends to 'win'; which is what this poem is, a will-to-'not-be'. I really am fond of 'mystery without resolution'. it goes in line with things I talk about over the years. 'a mystery by definition 'stays mysterious', etc. Thanks for dharing this poem.



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