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  • Flashback vietnam

    I was eighteen years old back then

    I guess its my time to be a man and defend

    It is my time they force me to go to war

    That is one thing I always swore

    I just wanted to finish my years in college

    To go into war I had no knowledge

    But my number was high in the draft

    And just a little while I will be out on the aircraft

    I was never really away from home that much

    And I guess you can say I hope I won't be a crutch

    Right now to be honest I'm scared to death

    I'm afraid of dying

    And I feel going to war will be to terrifying

    In my mind I wonder if I will ever see my family

    And live the rest of my life in agony

    We finally made it overseas

    And there was no shade or any breeze

    Our unit all fell to their knees

    As bullets was flying by my head

    And the first thing that came to my mind is I'm dead

    Bombs were exploding all around me

    There was no place for us to flee

    Some of my best buddies die in my arms

    In my mind I'm wondering where did the enemy get all of these firearms

    All I can say to myself please get me home safe alive

    Some how I just want to survive

    It took two years to get out of the hell hole

    When I got back home I felt like I had no control

    Nothing in my life would be the same

    Even friends I knew all my life

    It felt like they all stuck me with a knife

    I guess you can say it was a punishment

    And a life of banishment

    That I didn't deserve

    As I went to war to serve

    Sometimes I would load my gun

    And say my life isn't worth living for

    Year after year of depression

    We still have that one question

    Is there any help for our servicemen

    Or are they just all worthless men

    I guess will see what happens in the future

    Or once again we will be the losers

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    Horrible how our servicemen and women aren’t taken care here in the states. It makes me ashame. Thank you for putting this in the zone.


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      Thank You I was watching the history channel and saw the program on Vietnam and it was very sad what happen to our Veterans


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        Tonysp, When I look at class pictures, or group photos from football teams, Boy Scouts et al, I realize that at least 30% of the "men to be" in those pictures died in Viet Nam.


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          so very true Thank You


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            It is so sad that we ( and I use that widely) elect politicians who start or join wars on our behalf, sending soldiers to battle, following orders and then we do not respect their courage or the fact that it was really us as the electorate who sent them. Well done for highlighting this.