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  • When I Come Around ...

    You end up like me,
    Doors through the days, purer

    I guess you're the white hot
    Metal hair,
    Above the white face
    An angel singing
    Past the strings of guts
    Just hanging there
    During the 90s
    My heartbeat afraid of
    The day that turns copper--

    Sepia tones
    Of the day which was swallowed;--
    An empty smile
    And the hungry laughter,
    Glad the night has me again.
    Glad the contrasting darkness
    Can dilate my warm senses.

    To be closer to you,
    The yellow light brimming, I remember
    Days unto nights so sick
    Slightly longing to be lost again,
    Intending to make myself better

    Nearly 11 o'clock and the color
    Faded into a midnight's black.
    The love songs are sung from
    Bellies which hurt and yearn for
    More feeling, or is it thought?--

    I'd try to cage the lonely feelings,
    To bring out loss in you--

    Decades worth of thought
    Resulting in this, knowing
    All of the days were conquered,
    And yet even the bad
    Remains unconquerable. It keeps
    Coming back, in every word,
    Forcing me to remember
    I must remember for the honor

    I am gifted with these now.
    I fall apart like eternal and heavy sand.
    The color of honey dripping in shadows.