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Is Monoghyme underrated?

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  • Is Monoghyme underrated?

    Typo on the title. I am aware.

    There's a saying, "what you resist will persist" ....

    Quiet Contemplation disguised as Boredom...

    Today I embrace the idea of totally being bored.

    No place to go and no goals moving forward.

    Any thoughts of activity are totally being ignored.

    I'm hoping when I'm through, presence is my reward.

    I'm choosing to be here, on my own accord,

    and hoping self realization will be my just reward

    sitting still and quiet, my vision's totally restored.

    As I sit here quietly, my mind is being lured,

    to any other place, where memories are stored.

    Where my mind is taking me, has already been

    explored, resisting the temptation for the familiar way


    What I resist will persist and continue my discord ,

    when all I really need, a new goal to move toward.

    Dismissing quiet contemplation, at the risk of being

    bored, suppresses the new and exciting, experience

    that is stored.
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    This is a lovely end-of-calendar-year reflection Bobby. But I think it applies any time of the year - so back to the top of the queue.


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      RhymeLovingWriter Wow, what a surprise! Thank you for the lift. You are the gift!


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        That is never out of style and what most of us want.