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  • Smiling Mask

    It's fake, and it clearly shows
    Nothing seems ordinary
    They can't show true emotion
    They are not like me

    In you, there may be kindness
    But in truth, you are nothing
    I wish to break all your teeth
    Just to see if there's really something

    That you're trying to hide
    I know that this is merely a front
    Euphoric social times are for the weak
    My friend, what have you become?

    With you, we cannot go on
    Our differences burn like flames
    Living this shallow life to the fullest
    Why do you never feel the shame?

    This has gone long enough
    I fail to see anything real in you now
    Euphoric social times only weaken the soul
    Don't ever cry to me, if your world burns down

    This smile, it's a fake
    This smile, it's for show
    This way of living, just pulls you down
    Into the dirt that you're already standing in
    In truth, you're just another broken soul

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    Awesome poem.


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      Thank you very much