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Things Done Together.

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  • Things Done Together.


    Gross, hungry beings so churlish,
    The tongue whips from the mouth
    With no religion, and no restraint,
    Muses of umbilical light forget sight.

    Terrible gesture towards God,
    You've offended less than light,
    You rail upon the curvature
    Of time that breaks you apart --

    No such perfect night, the ending
    Happens in miserable flames.
    And you had wanted to feel warm--
    Something else matters more.

    Space. Not enough space spread
    Over your body like a milky bath.
    I was just trying to walk through
    Fire to make it up to you.

    Isn't our suffering enough?--
    That we spit our bad breathed
    Red-eyed animal complaint?
    But we'd both quit listening.

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    Very intriguing and thought provoking poem! well done amenOra


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      Incredible - this scorcher pulls no punches. Very powerful and searingly descriptive language amenOra. This one hits a bullseye!


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        I'm not sure what your catalyst was for this, amenOra, but it is like a mirror for me. What I see is painful. Forgive my eisegesis.


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          Thanks, friends for posting. This one flew out of me. It is definitely 'darker' and finger-pointing. And it's also a bit of practice. I have been dealing -- along with everyone -- with the stuff these times bring up. Perhaps it is a balance, for me, for all that positivity. It ends with a turn of lovers, one of the most painful happenings. We both stop listening to each other. Let me bridge ths by saying thanks for commenting my friends, and I am here for what will ease the suffering.
          In the end I am speaking of myself here, however veiled it might be. The relationship between two people just makes it clearer what I mean.

          Last thought, I really am working on brightening my poetry up -- but not at the expense of truth, or showing my feelings er somethin. Not sure what I exactly mean. Hopefully everyone is having a great end of the year! Happy Holidays.