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The Neighbour's Christmas

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  • The Neighbour's Christmas

    My knees ache--it snowed yesterday,
    I suppose that means it’s a white Christmas.
    A bleak, dead world covered over,
    Glittering white--death’s shrouding mistress.

    Little ones frolic and dance,
    Gather their parents and hop on the sleigh
    Soon to return for hot chocolate
    And play in their house down the way.

    A waltz plays, Dance of the Flowers.
    I too once danced, but now in a trance
    I mutely moan my husband long lost
    And await my final ambulance.

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    Heart wrenching, Merkavah!


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      A somber look at the holiday. I'm sorry for the melancholy contrast you're having to face - but was quite joyed to see your name in the poem queue once again. Keep writing - it's good to read your work!


      • Merkavah
        Merkavah commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks! To be honest, I actually had a reasonable holiday--although we did have some frighteningly cold weather and my knees did (do?) ache--I was mostly thinking about others. It reminds me of the times I've gone to retirement homes or hospitals to sing and talk with the residents. There is always someone nearby that needs a son or daughter, a friend or even a stranger to show some kindness...

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      flowers dying--winter--finality--death. You putting the two so close together (the joys of being young, and the truths about what 'surviving' does to us).

      Very poignant, beautiful poem, well constructed.



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        Thank goodness Christmas comes but once a year. A moving, well wrought vignette, Merkavah. Good to see you here again.


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          It must be sad to look at the past with youthful and longing eyes. Very well expressed merkavah.


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            Excellent poem! You paint very well with words Merkavah I too write about events inspired by the lives of others and people often think I'm writing about myself ! But that is the danger of being a good storyteller! Lol! Because of this I never assume that a poem is true or is about the author. Again Well done Merkavah!