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A Song Before Dying

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  • A Song Before Dying

    A Song Before Dying

    When he walked in the hospital
    the old man was crying
    When I asked him the reason,
    he said his sick wife was dying

    She once was a graceful
    professional dancer
    And now her whole body
    is riddled with cancer

    The old man struggled
    to hold back his tears
    He said they'd been married
    for seventy years

    Now, I work at the hospital
    so I saw him before
    His wife was a patient
    up on the ninth floor

    Well ------ I'm one nosey janitor
    so I picked up my broom
    And I followed the old man
    up to his wife's room

    When I got to her room
    I quietly stood at the door
    And I pretended somehow
    that I was sweeping the floor

    The old man noticed me there
    so he invited me in
    His wife was so pale
    and she was frightfully thin

    I said, "Hello" to the old woman
    She seemed pleasant and sweet
    The old man sat at her side
    and began rubbing her feet

    He had known her ----- his whole life
    They had been together so long
    So, he decided to sing her
    an original song

    His song was the story
    of their happy life
    A sort of homage*
    to his loving wife

    The man named his song
    "A Song Before Dying"
    And as he was singing
    he was silently crying

    Now, that old man could sing
    He had a beautiful voice
    The woman beamed at her husband
    She had made an excellent choice

    The woman enjoyed the song
    the man so lovingly wrote
    And she smiled every time
    the man hit a high note

    He sang of the places
    where they used to play
    He sang of the vows
    on their wedding day

    He sang of the sex
    which was wet and wild
    He sang of the birth
    of their very first child

    He sang of her days
    as a professional dancer
    He even sang of the day
    they diagnosed her with cancer

    Now, I could go on
    'Cause his lyrics were long
    And the emotions he was showing
    were heavy and strong

    But, just when the old man
    had finished his song,
    he looked at his wife.
    Something was wrong!

    Now ----- I knew the old lady
    was gravely ill,
    but then ------ she suddenly stopped breathing
    and became silent and still.

    The old man stood up.
    His face red as a beet
    And in a flash it was pale
    and became as white as a sheet!

    The man looked so sad.
    He just couldn't stop crying
    But, at least his wife heard
    "A Song Before Dying"

    *For the purposes of this poem 'homage' should be pronounced: (o-mahj )

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    I wrote this poem in 2014! I read it at an open mike in Cali It got a standing ovation! I am very proud of this one!


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      I can see why. This is outstanding. Many likes!!


      • Rhymeboy
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        Thank You very much AtL I really appreciate it! Many thanks!

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        Thank you Bobby Del Boy! I am humbled by your comments!

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      I love this. What a blessing this would be - 'A Song Before Dying' - I wish every person could have one from someone who loves them. Congratulations on the open mike win! Awesome!


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        Thank You very much RhymeLovingWriter I know people on the Zone usually don't like to read these long 'story poems' so I took a risk in posting it!

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      very good -- you are good at what you do, Rhymeboy. thank you for sharing the touching moment!


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        Thanks amenOra I really do appreciate your opinion it means a lot to me! Many thanks!

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      A beautiful love story, skilfully told. Thank you for sharing it


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        Thank you very much mooneyblack I really appreciate your wonderful comments! Many thanks!