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What is christmas all about

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  • What is christmas all about

    What is Christmas all about is it the big fresh

    Christmas wreath you put on your front door

    Or is Christmas about you waiting for

    Santa Claus to put presents all over the floor

    Christmas can be a great big tree with lights that are so bright

    Or have Christmas cookies fill your heart with delight

    Christmas is about making snow angels in the snow

    Or watching your snowman that you

    Built with such a happy glow

    I love when all the people come together to sing

    Or just listening to the church bells ring for our special king

    Christmas could be about that juicy prime rib that looks divine

    Or just watching your children watch the electric train

    That goes around the tree with a special design

    My most important thought of Christmas is

    Who was born on this day Lord Jesus

    With all our friends and family that are gone and they are

    In Heaven with Jesus celebrating his birthday

    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas