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Where Do Our Souls Go When We Die?

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  • Where Do Our Souls Go When We Die?


    Where do our souls -------- go when we die?
    Can someone ----- tell me where?
    Is there a place ------ beyond the grave
    once we leave from here?

    Can anyone tell me
    without a doubt?
    Or must we die
    to find that out?

    And Is there a place
    up in the sky
    where a good God lives
    and angels fly?

    And is there a place
    way down below
    where Sinners, demons
    and devils go?

    And when our lives
    begin at Birth,
    Must we account for deeds
    done here on Earth?

    These are just some ------ of the many questions
    that fuel a centuries ------ old debate
    And to finally ------- get the answers
    we'll all ------- just have to wait

    But as for me ---- I do believe
    that after death ----- we do receive
    a good ------- and just reward
    from Jesus Christ ----- Our Lord

    Where will your soul -------- go when you die?
    Have you ------- wondered where?
    Where will you spend ------ Eternity
    once you leave from here?

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    I like the way you take little breathers or pauses, with the extended dashes... it adds flavor to your piece. Timeless questions. My main answer, is really an opinion; that upon death it becomes useless to talk about time. The personality ceases, and all karma still plays out ... you leave an impression or mark upon the world. That fades too. With everything else.

    So as some poets put it, probably you drink from a specific River Lethe, and you forget your past life. To make way for the new one.

    But truth is, to know the nature of the soul and death and lie and rebirth, one does actually not have to wait. Be present, be free. That is divinity.

    Thanks for sharing, something which matters.


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      Thank you for your comments I really do appreciate your feedback. I really do try to write on a variety of different subjects which range from the religious to the ridiculous and all matters in between! Lol!


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        The century old questions Rhymeboy. I believe there’s going to be a resurrection of the righteous and unrighteous according to Acts 24:15. Enjoyed reading about your beliefs. Thank you for sharing.


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          Thanks AlexandratheLate I also believe in the resurrection of the just and unjust. Btw,I really appreciate your comments I know I've done a good job if you respond to one of my poems! Thanks!!!!! Now my head is about to explode!!!!! Lol!
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