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Inclement Weather (Edited and Reposted)

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  • Inclement Weather (Edited and Reposted)

    I love your somber weather the gray fog that surrounds
    Your pensive moods when silence is the only morsel
    You leave for me outside your doorstep in the cold rain
    I love also the bleak wind on your high-cheeked slopes
    The unexpected snow storm or flash flood of tears which
    Envelop your face all this surely the terrain of dreams
    I must walk with care in the dense rainforest of your hair
    That billows over me harbinger of the foreboding storm

    I know your dark eyes are rumoured to have descended
    From the black jaguar that roamed the early Pleistocene
    With vigilance to stalk the long-legged prey unaware
    Of impending danger on the lush wavering savannah
    My love I also want to be torn apart by your French kisses
    As I watch you drag my lifeless carcass off in the dark

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    Steamy....stormy....both...and....native Tanner all the way!


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      RLW, I love your descriptors! Your command of language and knowledge of poetic forms is a marvel. I think I wrote this poem when I naively thought I could crank out love poems like Neruda - ah the folley of youthful exuberance!


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
        Editing a comment
        Gees Tanner - I'm blushing. I consider myself so much a neophyte as to poetic forms in particular. I'm just in a very curious stage and like to learn whenever someone posts something new here. This site has been a blessing in many ways on that front.

        Also, don't sell yourself short now. You've captured the essence quite well.

        I think youthful exuberance rocks - hope I never lose it - folly or no!

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      Tanner, I love the wildness of your poem. You’re an amazing visionary and poet!


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        Sister Greed, When they opened the Awards Envelope for Cutting Edge Poet of the Year, the contents explored like a Strip of Magnesium on Fire, the Announcer however was able to read your Name before the Auditorium caught fire…Your poems are always incandescent, mesmerizing and explosive. Thank you for your visit and comments. I know we are kindred spirits who understand how to spell the word passion!