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  • The Secret Travel Agent

    It’s like the green gecko leapt from the back of Howard’s head into the white wall

    It wasn’t a real gecko, of course

    It was made of emerald light and angles

    Of the wall, and outside the wall

    Stucco camouflage

    Just like everything else

    Spiders and clown faces

    Hi tech microtransmitters

    In Matrix metal octopus bodies

    Don’t know what they want with me

    I’ve been disabled since 2009

    And that’s the card I play



    It’s a buy.

    The ethereal green gecko gazes at the seesaw movement

    Back and forth

    Predator and preyed upon

    I look out of the corner of my eye

    And watch the emerald light

    So it won’t disappear into the wall

    It scales a diagonal

    Around the corner to the crack

    In the door

    Green light

    Slides through the gap and escapes

    Free. Message delivered. Gecko out.

    Pay attention.

    A shapeshifter is present.

    Mickey Mouse cookie jar

    He calls himself The Deacon

    My so-called friends tagged him Chester

    Child + Molester = Chester

    I call him Mickey Mouse cookie jar

    The secret travel agent

    He flaunts his own I.D.

    Lures your children with Goofy

    Window clings at his defunct travel agency

    The Southern California sun pounds the plastic

    One more layer of leathery skin

    While The Deacon drains your children of their dreams

    Lures you with the ice cold schooner of beer

    On some $10,000 cruise ship with built-in mice for babysitters

    The Deacon leans in

    For his peak performance

    Fantasy kingdom repertoire

    Of this Mickey world and that

    Restaurants and water rides

    A great tide of pirate animation

    Of child adoration

    Washing up

    As he recounts to me

    In yester Chester years

    When he was The Secret Travel Agent

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    Very difficult subject to write about - the lure of Mickey and goofy - things children would be attracted by and innocent - vile how people use simple things to destroy children.


    • Sister Greed
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      Yes, it’s a sickness that needs to be called out.

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    Sister Greed I think this got caught up in “Rhymezone’s Kentucky Derby” and now sits at the top of the queue.


    • Sister Greed
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      I love it. Thank you Bobby Del Boy! I’ve been pretty insecure about this poem — it’s the crash and burn I told you about! So your comment has an especially soothing effect. Thanks for reading!

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    I'm diagnosed Schizophrenic, too. This has lots of wonderful sensations, and beautiful use of language. I like it - i'm not sure if the green gecko is not just a play of light? Insubstantial, but you notice it; it endures, becomes fascinating.

    Thanks for sharing, Sister Greed. Kudos--


    • Sister Greed
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      amenOra, thank you for responding to this poem. I wondered if it was too personal, and I’ve felt very vulnerable since posting it. A stream of consciousness is always risky. Thank you for sharing about your diagnosis. I’d love to share more with you about that. Blessings!

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    That usually means you did it right, I find.


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      I don’t bother at all as you live by other principles. I do not have a personal car, but only rent it when I need or travel. Moreover, I use the service when I am resting in USA. The advantage of this company is that it has good loyalty and not high prices for car rental. Anyway thank you for nice tale!
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        How did I miss this
        at its first outing?
        Sister Greed
        was a dynamic
        Thanks Fragon
        for pulling it back.