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    If everyday you sin again
    We're so alike, we're synonyms
    You pray to God to forgive your sins
    We're so alike, we're sinnernyms

    You're surrounded by love
    From family and friends
    And you pray up above
    For the violence to end
    Living free as a dove
    But you're locked up within
    We're like a pair of gloves
    We are just synonyms

    We're all just humans
    With our different skin
    Not to a few men
    Who live without sin
    You can tell the true men
    They never pretend
    Can I get an amen
    Please, say it again

    We're imperfect, no different from them
    We're still the same, we're synonyms
    If you have a hate for them
    Because of their skin
    Then we're not the same
    You're an antonym

    You came from the womb
    A precious gem
    Not one silver spoon
    A plate of sin
    That moment you bloom
    It all begin
    And back to the tomb
    Where it all ends

    You pray to God to forgive your Sins
    We're so alike, we're synonyms
    If you hate men
    Because of their skin
    We're not the same
    You're an antonym
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    Interesting word play Poemahontas.


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      This is an interesting take on common human fallibility.


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        Thank you for reading and your feedback


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          Thanks for reading RLW


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            Sinners welcome