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  • Raoul D'Harmental
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks RhymeBoy. I appreciate this. R

  • Raoul D'Harmental
    commented on 's reply
    Yes indeed it will, Alexandra, but I don't like to ask for too much Have a good break

  • Rhymeboy
    Awesome Poem! Wonderful message!

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  • AlexandratheLate
    It would be wonderful if year round we spread kindness, hope and respect.

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  • Raoul D'Harmental
    started a topic Share Your Hope This Christmas

    Share Your Hope This Christmas

    Goodwill, by people to others,
    Is crystal clear when it's on show.
    Peace sweeps the dim fog that smothers
    And blinds warring souls to its glow.
    Joy is radiant and infects those
    On whom it casts its brilliant sheen.
    But what of Hope? Can we suppose
    That it too can always be seen?

    Alas, too often Hope's a spark
    Shaded by shrouds of Doubt and Shame
    Which with age wax thick in the dark.
    And stop Hope blazing like the flame
    Which at Christmas shines through the eyes
    Of children to whom Doubt's unknown.
    Their Hopes flare high above the skies
    To wane, alas, when they are grown.

    What if this Christmas, Doubt and Shame,
    We suspend and instead lay bare
    And stoke our Hopes till they're aflame
    And spread like fire for all to share?

    (Merry Christmas, folks, and a happy new year! R.)