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  • Frozen Hearts

    We are the innocent
    We never done wrong
    May we tell you of this lament
    Through this song?

    How does it feel to fall victim
    By the ones that were meant to care?
    The snow is falling, and we are falling
    Straight into needless despair

    We did not deserve
    To be hated for nothing
    In the most inappropriate time
    There has to be something

    That makes them want to leave us
    Buried in the darkess of our own souls
    The night is calling, but we're only fighting
    To survive alone

    In you, I knew
    There was something not right
    Your eyes have evaporated
    Before you can even see
    Your heart has only withered
    Before you can even feel

    In all of you
    I saw the devil smile deep in you
    Cruel intentions kept under wraps
    Frozen hearts empower the hate
    Leave our bodies where they won't see
    I always knew that humanity was a fake

    Before you hate me
    Look into my eyes
    Before you scream at me
    Look into my eyes

    Before you hate me
    Look into my eyes
    Before you dispose of me
    Look into my eyes
    Can you see the last fragment of light
    Of what is left of me
    Or have you become blind?

    As the snow falls, I will lay here
    Wondering what had went wrong
    As the wind blows, I will die here
    Wondering where you went wrong
    And at least, my soul stayed strong
    Through the unforgiving coldness, of this world
    Until now...