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  • Making Dinner


    I first learned to cook
    when I was serving in the Navy
    It's time to cook my dinner
    but first I'll make the gravy

    I add flour to the gravy
    so it will slowly thicken
    I'm finished with the gravy
    so now I'll fry the chicken

    The chicken looks delicious
    it really came out nice
    Now ----- I'm boiling water
    Gonna make a pot of rice

    The rice is white and fluffy
    Now I'll make a pot of beans
    The red beans are almost ready
    Time to clean the collard greens

    The collard greens ----- are cleaned and washed
    and are in a pot to cook
    And as they slowly simmer
    I'll lift the lid to look

    Next ---- I'll make a garden salad
    with red ripe ----- sweet tomatoes
    And to go with all that gravy
    I'll make some mashed potatoes

    The mashed potatoes ------ look delicious
    and are velvety smooth ------ and creamy
    I'll place them in ------ a covered dish
    to keep them ------ hot and steamy

    Well, now ---- my dinners done
    Cooking it ----- was lots of fun
    I don't want to eat alone
    so I'll call friends on the phone

    Having friends is wonderful!
    It is good to be alive!
    My heart is filled with joy
    as I watch each guest arrive

    My guests are at my table
    There's a smile on ev'ry face
    We bow our heads in prayer
    as I say a humble grace
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    you make a good host and write a good poem but you have made me hungry and have a long time until dinner


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you very much Parkinsonspoet I greatly appreciate your gracious comments!!!!!!!!

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    Great rhyme and sounds delicious.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thanks AtL!!!!!!!! I greatly value your opinion and if I get your attention then I know I have done a good job! So thanks for commenting!!!!!

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    Hello Rhymeboy, How you have served up such a delicious dinner and done so with the finest of rhyme, is admirable, to say the least - and you even managed the humbled grace for what you were about to receive. A culinary delight rhymed with poetic gravy. Excellent! Bon appétit, Tony


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thanks Tony! What an eloquent and masterful critique! I would expect nothing less from a masterful poet such as yourself!

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    Very well done. What great cadence, something I lack in my own writing, so that when I see such an excellent example of it, I want to stand up and shout Ya!

    Ya! — Sister Greed


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you very much Sister Greed!!!!!!! I really appreciate your comments!!!!!