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Then, Shall I Rest!

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  • Then, Shall I Rest!

    Never tire.
    Let your thirst for justice
    be unyielding
    until it is quenched
    though they'd sic the dogs,
    or see you lynched.

    For there will be some
    whom mirth hath numbed to misery,
    nestled in their comforts,
    cradled by complacency.
    They've grown
    tired of your pleas
    and are as loathe to suffer them
    as pay them heed.

    Be not discouraged.
    Though familiarity
    proves callous to the abused.
    Abundant atrocities be excused.
    And voluminous
    be the yoke of violence,
    that threatens to choke
    your cords to silence.

    Doggedly denounce
    the grotesque and inhumane.
    Raise your voice
    beyond the strain
    and even then,
    even then
    implore it
    to rise again.

    Until you've no longer
    cause to protest
    and only then...
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    Amen 🙏


    • DWAYNE
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      ATL, your positivity and encouragement are always sincere.

      Thank you.

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    ATL, She said it first and she said it best - Amen and Amen again.


    • DWAYNE
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      Thanks for reading, and your encouragement.

      I like that the Zone gives us this opportunity, to have constructive dialog with each other, it really is a blessing.

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    After reading this, your right why give up without a fight.
    It takes a liar, to no a liar
    it takes a bum, to no a bum
    those that set about calling names
    come on and get you some


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      Hello Dwayne, I must say, you do plough a fine acre and harvest even greater words. Let no storm damage your crops, your fruits and your words of wisdom - ever! Fond regards, Tony.


      • DWAYNE
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        I'll try!

        Thanks Tony.

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      This poem reminded me of the great Maya Angelou? Do you ever read her? She might help you take your writing up a notch in terms of visualization. I’ve always enjoyed what you have to say Dwayne!


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        I LOVE Maya Angelou!

        I have read everything she has written, numerous times.

        Glad you liked this.