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Somewhere only we know( in process)

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  • Somewhere only we know( in process)

    Daybreak came to light

    clear and cold

    with a distant sun

    that hinted summer was gone

    A song came to mind

    That took me back in time

    When I first saw you on that beach

    swaying’ to the sound of the waves

    Every time I hear that song

    I get high on your memory

    Strange how a song sounds like a memory

    like a recording of a summers day

    on that beach

    somewhere only we know.

    Oh Oh Oh

    Laying on that blanket on that beach

    I turned and saw you swaying

    I smiled at you, you smiled at me

    Then I walked up to you and

    When I looked into your eyes

    My heart felt like an unborn baby’s

    first heartbeat saying hello

    I knew I’d met the girl

    I swore I’d never find

    A stroll along the beach

    barefoot on the sand

    hand in hand

    whispering under my breath

    I found a love for me

    Thinkin’ about all the beautiful words

    in my head I wanna say to you.