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  • Contemptible Tether

    Be not deceived
    for eyes alone cannot detect
    what the heart has conceived.

    And many a flag-draped fascist
    courts those
    whose wounded pride,
    finds bigotry
    by sophistry justified.
    The woeful minions
    abandon proof to defy
    in search of
    boogeymen to vilify,
    and soon "find" them
    amongst their neighbours,
    and erstwhile friends.

    A return to glory
    is the prime seduction.
    Alterity as cause
    to cast aspersion.
    Unscrupulous regression.
    Patriotism turned
    nationalistic perversion.

    For familiarity is a facet of facade
    and superficial pride
    presumes kindred spirits
    where devils reside.

    neither creed nor culture
    should displace
    what constitution
    ought embrace.

    The virtuous
    by their conduct measure,
    lest the ties that bind
    be contemptible tether.

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    Some never tire of casting dispersions

    I’m ready to move along

    Teddy Roosevelt is long since gone

    I read Huck Finn in the sixth grade

    Since then I’ve been a Racist


    • DWAYNE
      DWAYNE commented
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      Casting dispersions?

      I am not sure I understand.

      Please elaborate.

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    Teddy was real
    and Huck a fiction
    whose Irishness,
    his common diction
    and red hair gave him
    scope for social friction
    yet all stood ahead of Jim.
    Sold down the river
    was right for him,
    and even now he's got a vote
    the lifestory's changed not a jot.
    Some sink and others swim
    and they make sure it's in champagne.
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    • DWAYNE
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      Sure hasn't.

      Artful truth!

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    It’s true that it seems to be human nature to vilify what we don’t understand. We are the human race. We really need to see ourselves in those terms. Nicely done Dwayne.


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      Hello Dwayne. How to morph the masses into mobs. The gathering clouds of fascism darken this most splendid poem of yours as you delve into the shadows of man. As always, a remarkable passage of literature from your elegant bureau. Excellent! You are in fine health, I hope, Tony.


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        I am much better, thanks Tony.