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    I saw ----- your beautiful sunflowers
    when I walked past ----- your house one day
    The flowers ---- were so lovely
    They took ----- my breath away

    Their leaves ----- were lush and green
    and had stems ------ as thick as reeds
    Who would ever believe ------ these giants
    once grew ------ from tiny seeds?

    You gave ----- them lots of water
    then sat ------ and watched them grow
    But how ------- they grew so big
    only you ------ and God will know

    They tower above your porch
    They make ev'rything ------ seem so small
    Your house ---- it looks so lovely
    like a painting on my wall

    I watched them ----- from the sidewalk
    as they put on ------ their brilliant show
    I could ----- have stayed forever
    But alas ----- I had to go

    Sunflowers ------ get their name
    because they turn ------ to face the sun
    Their heads ------ turn fron East to West
    and stop ------- when the day is done

    So here's to You ------ and those beautiful sunflowers
    They were lovely ----- Roxanne, My Dear
    And I can't wait to see ----- them growing outside
    your beautiful home ------ next year

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    I wrote this poem for a Facebook friend it's her birthday today!


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      I like this poem in my school days. Upload this poem in social website i have more like comments to this poem the poem lines are very interesting. The meaning are very tasty to hearing. My sisters also like this poem. i am also like the sunflowers it look yellowish orange color i really like that flower. I sunflower seeds are used for making oil. i am only use olive so i don't know about the taste of sunflower oil


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        Thank you very much jrapes

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      Lovely. I can see them.


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        Thank You very much AtL