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Winter Sorrow

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  • Winter Sorrow

    A cold December
    A dark time to remember
    As snowflakes fall
    Voices start to talk

    Frozen tears
    Shadows and the fear
    In solitude
    No light to shine through

    A harsh winter
    I hear every whisper
    Struggling to cope
    Is there a sign of hope?

    They're all having fun
    Into the setting sun
    I'm all alone
    Around the walls, that I call home

    Why am I to feel this way
    When life could've been fine?
    Why am I to go through this
    As every star can shine
    Down all streets, into their eyes?

    The darkest December
    No sense of pleasure
    All from that figure
    Memories flicker

    He opened the door
    He said: "Can't take this no more"
    Family in ruin
    Life's not the same, ever again

    I personally don't like this time of year, especially when back in 1995, it was when my mother's marriage had ended and I was very young when it happened, and still recall it to this day. Life hadn't really felt the same since that fateful moment but let's be honest here... I never cared for my estranged dad anyway, as what the last two verses make a clear reference to.

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    Brutally honest and touching Bry.


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      This is a great poem to raise awareness of noticing other people Bry89. I'm sorry you had such a difficult life circumstance and hope this is healing for you and all who read and need it.