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To me Marriage is:

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  • To me Marriage is:

    Bathrooms that Stink,
    a Special Wink,
    Seeing life’s Dishes pile Up in the Sink.

    Baggage you Share,
    Embrace and not Scare,
    Showing the Other you’ll Always be There.

    Ecstasy Run,
    when Coupled as One,
    Sleeping the Wet Side when it is Done.

    Cherish the Wins,
    Forgiving the Sins,
    committed Together through Thick and the Thins.

    Shocked that the Past,
    has Flown by so Fast,
    Sharing your Love to Beyond the Last.

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    Perfect, Me and the wife, just had a fight. Over mashed potato's.


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      Over 50+ years we have had - at the time - what seemed like meaningful fights. Most were not - all were forgiven and we're still together. Thankfully!


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        Like potato's mashed, this to shall pass. It will only take a day.

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      Hello Bob, The inseparable twain, man and wife through the trials and tribulations of life, overcoming all, bound in love. May you both rhyme on in your beautiful verses of life, love and the odd mishap. A grand poem , indeed. Fond regards, Tony.


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        Thank you.