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  • Rhymeboy
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    Baby Rat


    I'm a baby rat
    about the size of a tiny mouse
    My mother just made a nest
    in a quiet corner of your house

    Your house ----- will be our home
    At night ----- we'll run and roam
    We'll carry ticks and fleas
    which transmit some bad disease

    We'll eat up all your food
    And not just the corn and wheat
    We'll eat most anything
    that you humans like to eat

    We'll try
    to keep out of sight
    as we forage
    day and night

    It won't take
    me very long
    Soon I'll grow up
    big and strong

    No longer
    a baby rat
    I'll be the size
    of your neighbor's cat

    And when I'm fully grown
    I'll have babies of my own
    the size of tiny mouse
    in a quiet corner of your house

    They'll grow up big and strong
    It won't take them very long
    They'll be as big as an alley cat
    Now ---- what do you think of that?