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a large blind spot

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  • a large blind spot

    the blind spot

    because of the emotional energy i've invested
    in worrying
    incessantly everyday about everything
    so that nothing
    goes wrong,
    I can't change one single thing, in the long run,
    I know the perspective
    is key to health,

    when you're blind you're most
    sure you're

    a simple error
    leads to grievous waste,
    centuries are
    filled with stone
    and frozen in place
    away from hands
    trying to pry.

    the prison of thought,
    the inhabitants,
    cell mates

    today I wanted to get away
    today I tried to change

    anything but that
    anything but.

    i'd rather be comfortable
    you say.

    I could see you were about
    to dive;
    what can I say
    I haven't said before?--

    some want just to not feel so
    powerless and helpless.
    others are frozen and shut there,
    so the eyes barely see
    to even ask, until it's too late,
    our time is washed up
    and wasted on us.

    the key is perspective

    why was I given

    it takes time
    there is science
    to sense

    and that might be why i'm
    mostly ok.


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    This reflective riff on perspective brims with affecting, effective wisdom, amenOra. Your inner rooms are spacious.


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      Hello amenOra, The maybe man in the dilemma of himself, his only cell mate. Wonderful writing, otherworldly in its insightfulness and wisdom. Fond regards, Tony.